Interior Design

The success of the interior design projects is based upon a spatial awareness and understanding along with aesthetics and client’s wants.

Be it a cafe, an office or unique residential developments we understand the operational requirements of different spaces and always take into account our clients’ vision.

The planning of the interior layout can influence the spatial experience of the inhabitants and users of each space.

Online Design Services

Depending on your specific project we offer tailored online services that won’t require physical presence and are based in e-mails and calls.

The designs are always sent through e-mail or on a drive , changing after each online consultation.

Our design process remains mainly intact with small adjustments according to the needs of each project.

Interior Styling

Matia interior design studio undertakes interior styling projects for professional photoshoots, magazines , catalogues, sites etc.

We pride ourselves in knowing the exact details that differentiate and elevate a styled space from a living one , coming from a background of design, photography and marketing.

Textile designing & Selection of fabrics & Finishes

Along with our search for new brands and markets we are also expanding our range of materials , finishes and textiles.

It is of great importance to us that the client will have a variety of options available in this area that is often neglected.

The different finishes and textures can alter a space and it’s lighting incredibly.

Regarding fabrics we offer the service of designing unique textile designs just for a specific project that can work in different furnishings and places.

Furniture Selection

We are always enthusiastic to source the highest quality materials and products so that we reach a level of finish to meet every client’s expectations.

It is our belief that there is a need for unique direction for each project and each piece of furniture can narrate a different story regarding it’s context, like words, which in our case is the space and the rest of the furnishing and objects.

We are constantly scouting for new brands and new markets so that we can offer the most to our clients.

Customised Renovation

In case of an existing space we are called to make big or small changes so that the space meets the client’s needs.

The renovation can be for the whole space (home , office etc) or for certain rooms/areas.

The same principles of interior design apply to the customised renovation of a space.