Matia interior design studio specialises in interior design for homes and private villas & residencies along with textile design.

The studio is driven by the passion to create beautiful and functional spaces that connect with their users and bring them happiness. Our vision is to improve and enhance the environment of our clients’. We strive for authentic creations of aesthetically pleasing and functioning spaces that provide convenience and joy

For every design project the aim is to fully understand the client thus applying design solutions that ensure the best results for their specific needs and aesthetics. Each design is custom-made˙ from full house design completion to picking the perfect furniture or design the fabrics of their dreams for a specific room.

For the client most of the times the first thing to catch their attention is the aesthetics.It is very important, regarding living environments, to understand how comfort is as important- if more so- and is the key to a good design. So the aim always is a balanced combination of beauty and function

The studio’s distinctive feature is the eye for detail.We always pay attention to the little things that finally put the design together and differentiate the interior design and/or styling from the space planing alone. That could be a decorative object for a style shoot or an object that would help with the everyday course of tasks in a home.